Proactive Labs

Cyber Security Specialists, offering penetration testing in Canberra, Australia

About Us

Proactive Labs is a boutique cyber security company, offering a different perspective on cyber issues. We aim to help our clients in their domain, by offering our experience in ours.

We are highly skilled and experienced cyber security professionals offering comprehensive, yet boutique cyber security services to businesses and organisations. Our mission is to help protect our clients' critical assets and sensitive information by identifying vulnerabilities in their networks, systems, and applications.

With extensive professional experience, we possess an in-depth understanding of the dynamic Canberra market. To cater to its specific and unique needs, we offer tailored and customised solutions.


We offer a range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We perform most forms of Penetration Testing, including web application penetration testing, infrastructure penetration testing, external network / internal network penetration testing, and mobile assessment penetration testing, to name a few. We also offer more bespoke engagements, such as adversary simulation (red teaming), application security, code review, or research services.

Our services include:

Penetration Testing

Proactive Labs conduct thorough pen testing assessments to identify and assess potential vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and applications.

Vulnerability Scanning

Proactive Labs' automated vulnerability scanners can quickly identify known vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations for remediation.

Application Security

Proactive Labs conduct comprehensive security assessments for web, mobile, and custom applications to help identify and remediate any potential threats.


Proactive Labs specialise in conducting tailored research for clients, providing insight to a variety of complex problems.

Code Review

Proactive Labs have extensive experience auditing code bases across a variety of languages. Our staff can understand the flow of complex codebases and identify intricate security issues, keeping your sensitive data safe.

Threat Emulation

Proactive Labs have extensive experience emulating the real threats that our clients face. We accurately assess our client's security posture and resilience from various threat actors via simulated attacks.