Vulnerability Assessments

Proactive Labs have experience providing automated vulnerability assessments for clients. Our staff provide balanced assessments against even the most niche, complex or sensitive networks.

Our staff focus on the contextualisation and filtering of these tools to ensure that the reporting is based on actual tangible security issues and does not take an include-everything approach. With decades of experience in offensive and defensive security, Proactive Labs can contextualise security risks. We also have experience in architecting, designing, implementing and maintaining networks, allowing us to provide further context on remediation and architectural issues.

With our mixed experiences and offensive mindset, this ensures our clients focus on the issues with impact and can spend their time appropriately securing their networks against real, tangible security vulnerabilities instead of pursuing inappropriate controls.

Where appropriate Proactive Labs will provide the raw output of tooling but will always be accompanied by a report detailing our contextualised advice, with remediation strategies targeted to your organisation’s needs and requirements.

We strive to provide value and meaningful advice to our clients, ensuring they can meet their security objectives while delivering their business requirements.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-impact vulnerability assessment - feel free to contact us for an engagement.