Secure Code Review

Proactive Labs has extensive experience auditing code bases across a variety of languages. Our staff can understand the flow of a codebase, identify complex security issues, and work with the client to fix them both in a specific instance and more broadly.

Proactive Labs utilises a consulting-based approach to work with the client throughout the engagement to understand the context of the application, the perceived risks, and the desired outcomes. Proactive Labs performs code review with a combination of static analysis tools and manual review, aligning with industry best practices to identify vulnerabilities and insecure development practices and ensure the application is secure.

Our staff have experience building, developing and maintaining software, Allowing Proactive Labs to differentiate between theoretical best practices and the reality of a large codebase to ensure that remediations are contextualised.

Proactive Labs can also provide bespoke, tailored training to development teams to help grow security awareness and ensure development practices are secure and developers are familiar with the coding practices that introduce vulnerabilities.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-impact security code review - feel free to contact us for an engagement.